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August 2022: Merged Energy Labelling for local space heaters, air conditioners and comfort fans: Topten's recommendations

January 2022: Professional refrigerated storage cabinets: Topten’s recommendations

January 2019: High unexploited efficiency potentials for commercial refrigeration appliances

January 2018: Manufacturers of storage refrigeration are lagging behind with online mandatory product declaration

January 2018: Household refrigerators and freezers: Recommendations for policy design

May 2017: Dishwashers: Testing the energy variability of different uses

March 2017: White Goods: updated Market Monitoring report based on sales

February 2016: Lighting revision: good approach, but higher ambition needed

November 2015: Revision of the energy label framework: key aspects

August 2015: Convincing proposal for revised energy label framework

June 2015, No. 4: EU: Already 42% heat pump drier sales in 2014

June 2015, No. 3: Washing machines: energy label has doubtful impact

June 2015, No. 2: EU refrigerators market: 25% energy reduction in ten years

June 2015, No. 1: Report demonstrates the potential of market monitoring in Europe

March 2015: Lamps: No postponing of Stage 6, please

November 2014: Mandatory product registration with a public database: huge benefits for Europe

July 2014: Report on TVs shows the benefits of a systematic market monitoring

June 2014: Dishwashers: innovative capacity should not be underestimated

April 2014: Professional storage refrigerators & freezers: policy measures should be guided by the BAT

July 2013: Pilot on TVs shows the potential of a systematic market monitoring

February 2013: Vacuum cleaners: good performance is possible with low power

January 2013: Professional storage refrigerators: now is the chance for climate-friendly, low-GWP refrigerants

December 2012: Networked Standby: energy waste in standby to be further cut

August 2012: Appliance market: systematic monitoring is needed

July 2012: Professional storage refrigerators: good energy label is proposed

June 2012: Televisions: Energy Label speeds up efficiency development

April 2012: Heat pump driers: 50% energy saving potential

January 2012: Professional refrigerated cabinets: energy label and MEPS

October 2011: Laundry driers: Ecodesign requirements not ambitious enough

June 2011:Test of LED retrofit lamps: good results, but big quality differences

May 2011: Room air conditioners: already A+++ models expected

September 2010: Energy efficient heat pump dryers: European experiences and efforts in the USA

February 2010: TVs: many models are better than planned class A

August 2009: Promotion of efficient coffee machines

July 2009: Promotion of heat pump driers: success in Switzerland