Launch Topten Peru

  • By maike.hepp
  • Published a month ago

Topten Peru has been launched this December 2020!

The Universidad la Salle Arequipa and Consorcio Eficiencia EnergĂ©tica del PerĂș (CEEP) have launched Topten Peru. After Chile, Argentina and Brazil there are now four Topten teams in Latin America selecting and showing the most efficient products.

The Peruvian government issued the technical regulation for energy labelling in 2017, which is being implemented with the establishment of accredited product Certification Authorities (R.D. 001-2020-MINEM/DGEE 29/01/2020).This shows that the foundations are being laid to promote the purchase of efficient technologies by consumers. Topten Peru will give consumers an overview over the best available technologies (BATs) on the national market for the following categories:

After these, further categories and communication campaigns to inform consumers about the new platform will follow.

Find here the tips about responsible energy use in Peru and check out the new website.

Featured Products

  • Miele KF37233ID
    Miele KF37233ID
    • Efficiency class: A+++
    • Energy (kWh/year): 156
    • Efficiency index (%): 21.9
  • Solis Perfect Air
    Solis Perfect Air
    • Type of function: evaporator
    • Type of humidifier: mat
  • S-TEC electronics gottardo Serie I
    S-TEC electronics gottardo Serie I
    • Standby mode (W): 0.5
    • Luminous efficacy (lm/W): 165
  • Sagi Spa X-Treme XE150 - 0P14
    Sagi Spa X-Treme XE150 - 0P14
    • Efficiency class: B
    • Energy (kWh/year): 712
    • Energy (kWh/24h): 1.95
    • Efficiency index: 31.9
  • De Dietrich DVH1323J
    De Dietrich DVH1323J
    • Efficiency class: A+++
    • Energy (kWh/year): 230
    • Efficiency index (%): 48.4
    • Time of cycle (min): 175
    • Drying performance class: A
    • Water (l/year): 2380
    • Water per washing cycle (l): 8.5
    • Energy per washing cycle (kWh): 0.81