The EU Postpones The Ban Of Inefficient Class C Halogen Lamps to 2018

  • By maike.hepp
  • Published 5 years ago

The EU postpones the ban of inefficient class C halogen lamps to 2018 and misses energy savings of around 33 TWh in 10 years.

The EU postpones the ban of inefficient halogen lamps, which has been announced since six years, and misses energy savings of around 33 TWh in ten years (lost savings according to a study by the Danish Energy Agency, Piano and CLASP). On 17th April Member States agreed to the Commission proposal to postpone stage 6 of the lamps Ecodesign regulations, banning classes C and less efficient, to 2018, despite the fact that efficient LED lamps are better and less expensive than expected. Inefficient lamps of classes C, D and E now remain on the market until September 2018. LED lamps are 80% more energy efficient than those least efficient lamps, and each LED lamp saves consumers EUR 60 over its lifetime of 15 years compared to a standard halogen lamp. More information:

Featured Products

  • AEG L9WE96605
    AEG L9WE96605
    • Efficiency class: A
    • Energy washing&drying cycle (kWh): 4.07
    • Water washing&drying cycle (l): 77
    • Energy (kWh/year): 814
    • Washing performance class: A
    • Water (l/year): 15400
    • Water per drying cycle (l): 2
    • Water per washing cycle (l): 75
    • Energy efficiency (kWh/kg): 0.41
    • Energy per drying cycle (kWh): 3.17
    • Energy per washing cycle (kWh): 0.9
  • Liebherr GGU 1400
    Liebherr GGU 1400
    • Efficiency class equivalent: A
    • Energy (kWh/year): 583.27
    • Energy (kWh/24h): 1.598
    • Efficiency index: 19.6
    • Efficiency class: A+++
    • Energy (kWh/year): 176
    • Efficiency index (%): 23.8
    • Condenser efficiency class: A
  • DELL E2020Hb
    DELL E2020Hb
    • TEC (kWh/year): 27.5
    • Efficiency index: 0.788
  • Hunter Savoy
    Hunter Savoy
    • Energy (kWh/year): 22.4
    • Efficiency index: 3.24