Updated procurement guidelines for professional buyers are now available online.

  • By helene.rochat
  • Published 17 days ago

Public procurers and large buyers are large consumers and their purchase decisions have a strong impact on their overall energy consumption and also their bottom line. The city of Vienna for example was able to save 103’000 tons of CO2 and € 44 million from 2004 to 2007 with their green procurement program [1]. By having a green purchasing practice in place, the players have the power to shape the market by requiring energy efficient products in their procurement. Procurers may find it challenging to define the criteria that , what to buy exactly is difficult to define.

To facilitate this task Topten.eu has developed for a series of procurement guidelines for 12 product categories that are straightforward and easy to use. The criteria can simply be copied into the tender as such and guidance on how to verify the products is provided as well.

All guidelines are available on Topten’s dedicated page for professional buyers www.topten.eu/pro.

Featured Products

  • DELL P1917Sc
    DELL P1917Sc
    • Screen size (inch): 19
  • ArcaBoa Dupla Topo DR
    ArcaBoa Dupla Topo DR
    • Energy (kWh/year): 1434
    • Energy (kWh/24h): 3.93
    • Efficiency index (%): 37.2
    • Temperature class: L1
    • Climate class: 3
  • Philips 43PFS5503/12
    Philips 43PFS5503/12
    • Efficiency class: A+
    • Power (W): 47
    • Energy (kWh/year): 69
    • Efficiency index: 0.18
    • Standby mode (W): 0.3
  • Onlux FiLux P45-4C
    Onlux FiLux P45-4C
    • Efficiency class: A++
    • Energy (kWh/year): 3.1
    • Luminous efficacy (lm/W): 116
  • Schulthess Spirit 510
    Schulthess Spirit 510
    • Efficiency class: A+++
    • Energy (kWh/year): 135
    • Efficiency index (%): 31.6
    • Spin-drying class: A
    • Water (l/year): 9900