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Topten publishes discussion paper: Why Europe should introduce mandatory product registration with a public database for energy related products for energy related products. (November 2014)

The 2014 Nobel Prize in physics has been awarded to the inventors of blue LED, which laid the foundation for more efficient and long-lasting light sources. (October 2014)
Coolproduct's infographics illustrate the benefits of Ecodesign: e.g. savings equivalent to 200 coal power stations or the creation of 800'000 jobs. (September 2014)
Germany's has received a facelift! The best products can now be found in a more user-friendly way. (September 2014)
IEA report calls on governments to invest more in energy efficiency and shows: the benefits of energy efficiency go well beyond the simple scaling back of energy demand. (September 2014)
The final results of ATLETE II are published: energy and water consumption of all tested washing machines were correctly declared, while other information was more critical.
» press release (July 2014)

2013 appliance sales data from Switzerland show the importance of the Energy Label for a constant efficiency development: see Topten's analysis and the Swiss sales data. (July 2014)

Nearly 70% of the TV sales were in classes A and better in 2013. Find more results in our updated TV market monitoring report or the short Topten Focus. (July 2014)

The Topten Global Annual Report 2013 is here. Find out how Topten combats climate change by catalyzing market transformation. (July 2014)

The best new dishwasher exceeds the A+++ threshold by 40%! See our updated product lists and policy recommendations for a revised Energy Label. (June 2014)

Updated Air conditioner lists lists on Topten show: 1 year after the introduction of the new energy label the efficiency has improved impressively. (March 2014)

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The winners - Europe’s very best in energy efficiency (March 2014):

Onlux LED lamp GloboLux 60 R 927

Panasonic TV TX-L39BLW6

V-Zug tumble drier Adora TSL WP

Interested in procurement of energy-efficient storage or display refrigerators? Download Topten's new recommendations for restaurants, take-aways, retail stores, hotels and others. (February 2014)

The Energy Label should be neutral regarding technologies and shapes, and give no allowances for extra functions, Topten concludes in our new policy recommendations on household refrigerators and freezers. (December 2013)
In our policy recommendations on policy recommendations on lighting products Topten advocates implementing the original lamp Ecodesign stage 6 and other energy saving measures. (October 2013)

Several new Ecodesign and Labelling regulations have been published, notably regarding space and water heaters, vacuum cleaners, networked standby. (October 2013)

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A fruitful EEDAL conference was held in Portugal. The Topten team also had the chance to present a number of studies. (September 2013)
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Topten publishes its TV market monitoring 2007-2012, showing the developments leading to 39% class A / A+ sales in 2012. (July 2013)

Swiss appliance sales data 2004 - 2012 have been published: 100% class A driers and 56% of A+++ washing machines sales reflect a highly efficient market (July 2013).

Topten Global report Topten Global Report 2012: how Topten supports market transformation towards better energy efficiency (May 2013)


The IEE-project ATLETE II has taken up compliance tests of 50 washing mashines (March 2013)

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vacuum cleaner

The Regulatory Committee has approved the Ecodesign regulation for vacuum cleaners, including a power cap of 1600W from Sep 2014 and 900W after Sep 2017. (March 2013)

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Water heaters

After many years of discussions the energy labelling regulations for space and water heaters have been adopted on 18 February! The ecodesign regulations for these product groups will be voted on in March. (February 2013)
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Felix Meier Felix Meier receives the honorary membership of the Topten International Group – for his great merits for the launch and expansion of Topten worldwide (January 2013)
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LED lamps
New Ecodesign requirements will guarantee a minimum energy efficiency and quality for directional lamps and LED lamps after September 2013 (January 2013)
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Energy Efficiency The new status report on electricity consumption and energy efficiency on electricity consumption and status report on electricity consumption and energy efficiency trends in the EU has been published by the JRC (December 2012).
Energy Label The new Energy Label for lamps and luminaires has been adpoted: from September 2013 also spot lamps will be labelled (December 2012)
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Efficient product
Selecting the most energy efficient products: The new Topten manual summarizes the programme and its mechanisms (October 2012)
tumble driers The Ecodesign regulation for tumble driers has been adopted on October 3rd. It will ban the worst performing driers in 2014 (October 2012)
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market monitoring

A systematic market monitoring is needed in the EU. Analysis of Swiss sales data shows the potential (August 2012)

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Euro Topten report

Most of Toptens effect is achieved 'underwater' - according to the new Euro Topten report (July 2012)

Energy Label

Effective Energy Label: the implementation of the Label for TVs has sped up the development of efficient TVs (June 2012)

» Topten Focus

tumble driers

Tumble driers: the Commission has adopted a new energy label. Ecodesign measures are also proposed (April 2012)

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VDE institute and Topten: collaboration for improved energy efficiency and market transparency » press release (March 2012)

public procurement

The town of Venelles in France wins the Topten public procurement competition: see the press release (February 2012)
professional refrigeration
Proposed measures for professional refrigeration cabinets are welcome but should be more ambitious to meet expected savings (January 2012)
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Topten game The Topten game is on in 5 countries! Be the top energy saver and win efficient prices! (December 2011)
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A++ driers

Laundry driers: 16 models reach the A++ class of the new draft energy label. Comments and recommendations regarding the draft regulations (November 2011)

Life-cycle costing in public procurement: win a free energy audit in the competition (November 2011)

Household Luminaires: Policy recommendations suggest better declaration and an energy label (September 2011)
EEDAL 2011

EEDAL 2011 in Copenhagen: Among the over 100 presentations also the Topten team presented news on Best available technology (May 2011)

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Air conditioners

Air conditioners: The Commission adopts the new energy label (May 2011)
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Efficient washing machines Most efficient washing machines of Europe: the new product list is online (May 2011)
Topten game

'Be the top energy saver': the Topten game has started in several countries (March 2011)

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Efficient air conditioners

Policy recommendations for air conditioners: Topten recommends to base policy measures for air conditioners on the best available technology. (January 2011)

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Energy Labels

The new energy labels are in force: coexisting with the old label for household appliances, completely new for TVs (December 2010)

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washing machines

New ecodesign regulations for washing machines and dishwashersban models below class A from Dec 2011 (November 2010)

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Topten China, Topten USA

Topten goes global
Topten China is online! Together with the 16 national European sites, Topten now covers areas responsible for 40% of the planet's greenhouse gas emissions. WWF press release (November 2010)

heat pump driers

The Topten Focus on heat pump dryers highlights the market and policy development of the efficient technology in Europe and the USA. (September 2010)

energy label

The European Commission proposes a new energy label for TVs and revised energy labels for refrigerators and freezers, washing machines and dishwashers. (September 2010) More information.

TVs energy label

Energy label for TVs: A new proposal has been released. According to the current draft only today's best TVs are labelled 'A'. Topten recommends to adopt it soon. (September 2010)

Currently 80 cold appliances are being tested for the ATLETE project. The project establishes methods for systematic evaluation of energy label declarations and ecodesign requirements compliance. (July 2010)

Energy Label for TVs

Energy label for TVs: according to the new draft proposal only today's best TV models are labelled class A. Topten recommends its adoption. (May 2010)

Energy Label

The new energy label format with A+++ is adopted by the EU parliament. Within one year member states have to adopt the new Labelling Directive into national law. After that most efficient products will be labelled A+++. (May 2010) More information.

Efficient appliances

Penetration of energy efficient appliances into national markets in Europe: Defra publishes study on influencing factors. (January 2010)

Energy Label for TVs

Topten Focus on energy label for TVs shows: many models are better than the planned class A already today. (January 2010)

New energy label

New energy label with A+++: The EU council finally decided on an energy label format: additional 'Super-A' classes are added on top of the traditionally best-performing 'A'. Most efficient products are now labelled A+++. (December 2009)

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The Coolproducts for a cool planet website informs about what is going on behind the scenes in the 'ecodesign of energy using products' process of the European Union. (December 2009)

The Joint Research Center of the European Commission publishes the Status report 2009 on Electricity Consumption and Efficiency Trends in the European Union. (December 2009)

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