HACKS Conference - Material available

  • By nadja.gross
  • Published a year ago

Find all the details as well as conference material on the HACKS Conference here.

Many participants from the field of heating and cooling in the residential sector – researcher, representative of the industry, national energy agencies, green and consumer NGOs, policy makers, etc. participated on February 14th 2023 in the HACKS Conference.

They took part to learn more about the latest developments in energy efficiency of heating and cooling products in the EU, most efficient products and policy trends!

HACKS is present in 15 European countries, with national teams working in synergy. They will present the methods and tools they have used, and provide a selection of illustrations and impacts:

  • Manufacturers will learn how their best performing products are promoted on the Topten websites
  • Installers and retailers will get ideas on how to support their clients fighting with energy bills
  • Multitarget communication campaigns will be presented, including available content on energy savings
  • Policy makers will learn how market transformation for efficient and climate-friendly heating and cooling can work, provided several tools and stakeholders are involved

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