Topten presents the most energy efficient electric houshold ovens. Not covered are ovens with a microwave function, portable ovens and small ovens (width, depth <15cm or height <12cm).

Technical criteria

Topten presents all ovens that meet the A+ class of the Energy Label (according to regulation No. 65/2014).

Suppliers who are not able to provide all the necessary data cannot claim to have their products listed on Topten.

Data Sources

Order of presentation

The products are ranked according to their Energy Efficiency Index (EEI). More efficient ovens have a lower EEI.


Brand and Model

A click on the column of a product shows the detailed view.

Electricity costs


Volume (l)

Usable Volume of the cavity in litres (l).

Energy class

Energy efficiency class according to the EU Energy Label (regulation No. 65/2014). The classification scale is based on the EEI. For class A+ an EEI below 82 is required.

Energy (kWh)

Energy consumption per cycle in kWh/cycle for both heating functions (if available):


Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) according to the Energy Labelling regulation No 65/2014. More efficient ovens have a lower EEI. The EEI calculation is based on the energy consumption of a cycle in conventional mode or with fan-forced convection, whichever the lower, and the cavity volume.


Standards and Labels


Producers and retailers are kindly asked to contact info(at) to inform about more products meeting the Topten selection criteria.

March 2017, Bush, Michel, Esebeck