Methodology (Best products of Europe) presents the most energy-efficient electric hobs of the European market. All electric hobs sold for domestic kitchens having the necessary declarations are considered. The selected products are presented in lists separated by the hobs' width (30cm / 60cm / 70-90cm).

Technical criteria

In order to be presented on hobs must have an energy consumption not exceeding 180 Wh/kg (according to EU regulation No 66/2014).

Relevant values have to be provided by the suppliers. Suppliers who are not able to provide these values cannot claim to have their appliances displayed on topten. All declarations can be verified by random measurements.

Data sources

•    Producers’ and suppliers’ declarations
•    National databases and Totpen sites such as

Order of presentation

The products are ordered according to their energy consumption (Wh/kg). The order of presentation can be changed by clicking on the headings of the tables.


Brand and model

Products of similar construction and identical technical values are displayed only once. Similar models’ names are listed under ‘similar models’.

Cooking zones

Number of cooking zones/ areas

Width and Depth (cm)

Dimensions of the hob in cm.

Energy Consumption (Wh/kg)

The energy consumption of the hob in Watthours (Wh) per kilogram (kg) water, according to EU regulation No 66/2014.


Hob technology. There are three common hob technologies: induction, radiant / ceramic, and solid plates. Most common are radiant hobs, but induction hobs are most energy-efficient.

Countries available

Countries in which a product is available according to producers declarations; country codes according to ISO.


Standards and Labels

EU Ecodesign regulation No 66/2014 for domestic ovens, hobs and range hoods


Producers and retailers are kindly asked to contact info[at] to inform about more products which meet the topten selection criteria.

April 2016, Michel, Bush