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Topten is a consumer-oriented online search tool, which presents the best appliances in various product categories. The key criteria are energy efficiency, impact on the environment, health and quality. As a communication tool it helps to show how our energy consumption causes climate change and what we can do personally to reduce our impact. It is also a powerful instrument to influence manufacturers.

Topten was launched in 2000 in Switzerland. Since then, fifteen additional European national Topten sites have been established, thanks to the European IEE-projects Euro-Topten, Euro-Topten Plus, Euro-Topten Max and the current Horizon 2020 project Topten ACT. Each Topten website provides a selection of best appliances from the energy point of view. More information can be found on the Euro-Topten Max-Report.

Topten information targets consumers (pictures, functions, price, no complex calculation, for products available locally in their country) and large buyers. Topten is rigorous and transparent (the selection methodology is explained online), independent from producers and commercial distributors. Topten relies on neutral tests and analysis of independent institutions, labels and on standardized declarations of manufacturers (e.g. EU-directives for household appliances). serves as a portal to reach all sites of participating countries - including the non-European sites in China, Chile and Argentina.

All Topten projects follow the Topten Charter.

The European Topten site ' - Best products of Europe' identifies the most energy efficient products in Europe, stating countries where they are marketed. This  evidence on the best available technology on the European market can be referred to by stakeholders in the policy making process; i.e. when Energy Labels are introduced or revised. "Best of Europe" and the Topten International Group association also offer the opportunity to coordinate a common understanding and empower decision makers to launch new initiatives promoting efficient products.


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All information, results, opinions and arguments employed on Topten do not necessarily reflect the official views of the partners. Neither the EASME nor the European Commission and the project partners are responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.