Recommendations Washing Machines

Topten's policy recommendations for washing machines and washer-dryers (January 2018, pdf)



The Ecodesign and Energy Label regulations for washing machines and combined washer-driers are under currently revision. The draft regulation was presented at the Consultation Forum in December 2017.

Topten product lists show that the best washing machine model is exceeding the class A+++ threshold by 50%. Clearly a new energy label is needed.

Together with a consortium of NGOs, Topten has provided input over the proposed energy and resource efficiency requirements.

Key comments from January 2018:

1. The size issue needs to be addressed

It seems that the Energy Label is providing a wrong incentive towards larger washing machines, which are consuming more, not less energy. The draft tries to take into account larger machines by introducing a quarter load and a weighting system in accordance to the size of the machine. We would prefer including a fixed load (e.g. 2kg) into the test and apply a digressive reference line instead of a linear one.

2. No duplication of programmes

Today the Label programmes (cotton 40°C and 60°C) are used in a minority of washing cycles. Reasons may be that they last too long, and that they're not easy to find. Other programmes can use a lot more energy.

We support restricting names of programmes that suggest a “normal” or “regular” use and allow these names only to the Label programme. This will avoid the duplication of programmes that is present today.


05/2018 Rochat/Bush