Recommendations Coffee Machines

Download full Policy Recommendations for Coffee Machines (Nov 2013, pdf)


Policy recommendations in short:


Standby Regulation: Delay time of the Auto-Power-Down Shall be Understood as Maximum for Factory Setting and Programmable Times

Short auto-power-down delay times help to save energy. It impedes the comfort in no way and makes sense no matter whether the coffee machine is frequently used or only little. The requirements in the amended Standby regulation (No. 801/2013) shall be understood not only as maximum for factory setting but also for programmable times.

measurement standard

Quick Finalisation of the Revised Measurement Standard EN 60661

The measurement standard for coffee machines EN 60661 is is being revised, and a good method has been worked out for pressure and filter coffee machines. It is important that CENELEC now finishes this work without delay, so that the National Committees can vote on it and the standard can be applied as soon as possible.

Energy Label

Introduction of an EU Energy Label

The introduction of an EU energy label for coffee machines is not planned at the present time. However, Topten however still would still welcome the introduction of this measure at a later date because it offers a good guidance to consumers and poses an incentive to industry to develop more energy efficient coffee machines. In Switzerland, a voluntary energy label for coffee machines exists since 2009 and leads to positive experiences.

11/2013 Josephy/Bush