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Download full policy recommendations for vacuum cleaners from August 2013 (pdf)


The Ecodesign and Labelling regulations for vacuum cleaners have been published in the Official Journal in July 2013. The Energy Label will apply from September 2014. At the same time tier 1 of the Ecodesign will ban vacuum cleaners with a power higher than 1600W, an annual energy consumption over 62 kWh and a low dust pickup performance. These values will be tightened in 2017 to 900W and 43 kWh/year, additionally minimum requirements for dust re-emission, noise and durability will apply.

Topten's key policy recommendations:

vacuum cleaners 1. The Ecodesign and Labelling regulations on vacuum cleaners are welcome. Especially the power cap is absolutely key: tier 2 (900W) will lead to considerable energy savings.
Energy Label 2. The development of the market and its reaction on the implementation of the regulations should be monitored systematically. A market monitoring will show if the Labelling scale and the level of the ecodesign requriements are appropriate.
vacuum cleaner

3. Also the appropriateness of the calculation formula for the annual energy consumption, especially the inclusion of the dust pickup, should be checked.

bagless vacuum cleaners 5. Measurements should be conducted at a partly loaded state (e.g. 200g of dust). The performance of most models rapidly decreases with dust load, and an empty vacuum cleaner does not reflect real usage conditions. The empty test further creates a bias between different technologies of vacuum cleaners.

Michel, Bush, August 2013