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Selection Criteria Vacuum Cleaners


Topten (Best products of Europe) presents the most energy efficient vacuum cleaners of Europe. Considered are upright and cylinder cleaners, with or without dustbag, and handhelds.

Technical criteria

In order to be displayed on, vacuum cleaners must meet the following criteria, declared according to the Ecodesign regulation No 666/2013 for vacuum cleaners:

    Maximum rated Power: 650 Watt

Relevant values have to be provided by the suppliers. Suppliers who are not able to provide these values cannot claim to have their appliances displayed on topten. All declarations can be verified by random measurements.

Data sources

  • Producers’ and suppliers’ declarations
  • National data-bases and Topten-sites such as

Order of presentation

The products are ranked according to the rated input power in watt. The order of presentation can be changed by clicking on the headings of the tables.


Brand and Model

A click on the column of a product shows the detailed view.

Products of similar construction and identical technical values are displayed only once. Similar models’ names are listed under ‘similar models’.

Power (W)

Rated input power in Watt.

Weight (kg)

Weight in kg according to producers‘ declarations.


Bagless models don’t need a dust bag. Dust particles are collected directly in the cleaner’s canister instead. Bagless vacuum cleaners keep their cleaning performance while filling up, while the cleaning performance of vacuum cleaners with bag decreases with the bag filling up. Emptying the canister of a bagless vacuum cleaner can however be accompanied by dust emissions.

Dust capacity (l)

Volume of the dust collector in litres.

Available in countries

Countries in which a product is available according to producers declarations; country codes according to ISO.

EU= available throughout the European Union
CH= Switzerland
On demand= producers could not indicate the availability and consumers have to ask on their own.


Standards and Labels

  • EN 60312: Vacuum cleaners for household use - Methods for measuring performance
  • Commission communication on harmonised standards for vacuum cleaners: 2014/C 272/06
  • Guidelines accompanying the Ecodesign and ENergy Labelling regulation for vacuum cleaners. DG Energy, September 2014.


  • The european council for an energy efficient economy eceee provides a status overview on all products in the Ecodesign & Energy Labelling process
  • Coolproducts informs about the EU ecodesign process on vacuum cleaners and other products. It is a coalition of NGOs' campaign for a stronger, fast Ecodesign Directive to save the climate and money.

Producers and retailers are kindly asked to contact info[at] to inform about more products which meet the topten selection criteria.

February 2019, Berger, Michel, Bush