Selection Criteria Office Luminaires

Methodology presents the most energy efficient luminaires for offices and other indoor use. The listed luminaires are certified by MINERGIE®, a Swiss label most famously known for building standards. Each brand is represented with their most energy efficient model per category. The complete list of Minergie-certified luminaires can be found under (website available in German).

Technical Criteria

The standards for Minergie-certified luminaires apply (detailed description in German here). The most important criteria are:


Only luminaires with LED light sources are accepted


The efficiency requirement of office luminaires is based on the following Minergie formula:

The minimum efficiciency requirements for the different luminaire types are listed in the Annex of the Minergie Label Regulation.

In the figure below is a sample efficiency curve plotted for one luminaire type:

Power in standby mode

  • Manual control (on/off), non-dimmable: 0 watts
  • Dimmable ballasts: max. 0.5 watts
  • Luminaires with presence/daylight control: max. 0.5 watts
(Based on the Energy Star luminaires specification v2.1 2017)


Unified Glare Rating UGR in standard room according to MINERGIE: max. 25

Additional criteria

  • Color rendering index CRI: min. 80
  • Lamp life: min. 30'000 hours

Test laboratory

The test laboratory must be accredited by the responsible public authority

Data sources

Product information from Minergie /

Order of presentation

Models are ranked according to their luminaire efficiency factor in lumens per watt (lm/W); the higher the value the better. The order of presentation can be changed by clicking the tables’ headings.


Brand, Model

Brand with link to manufacturer website, name of model


Measured value for power in watts (W)

Lamp category

Only luminaires with LED light sources are accepted

Options for lighting control

  • Dimming: option available yes or no
  • Presence / daylight sensor: option available yes or no

Downward flux

Percentage of downward flux (%)

  • direct irradiation: more than 90% downward flux
  • mixed direct/indirect irradiation: between 10 and 90% downward flux
  • indirect irradiation: less than 10% downward flux

Luminaire efficiency factor

Ratio of the measured luminous flux of the luminaire (lumens) to the power (watts). The higher the value the better. The luminaire efficiency factor (lumens per watt, lm/W) corresponds to the product of the luminous efficacy of the light source (lm/W), the efficiency of the ballast (%) and the light output ratio of the luminaire (%).



Standards and labels

  • MINERGIE®-Modul Leuchten - Certification of luminaires with high energy efficiency, limited energy consumption in standby and limited glare. Complete list of Minergie-certified luminaires under Manufacturers can inquire about obtaining Minergie-certificates via the contact form on
  • Coolproducts informs about the EU ecodesign process. It is a coalition of NGOs' campaign for a stronger, fast Ecodesign Directive to save the climate and money.


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