Table of Contents
Product List

Selection Criteria Notebooks & Tablets

Methodology (Best products of Europe) presents the notebooks & tablets labelled with Notebook TCO 5.0, available in at least one european country.

Order of presentation

The products are ranked according to their screen size, in second priority according to the model’s names’ alphabetical order. The order of presentation can be changed by clicking on the headings of the tables.


Brand, Basic Model, Models (detailed view)

The brand names and basic model names are on the list. Products of similar construction and identical technical values are displayed only once. Similar models’ names are listed under ‘models’ in the detailed view.

Size (Inches)

Diagonal display size, in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm).

Certificate Number (detailed view)

Indicates the TCO Certificate Number to be found on

Date of Certification (detailed view)

Indicates month and year of certification


Standards and Labels

September 2016 Berger-Wey / Michel / Bush