Policy recommendations for electronic Displays

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Summary: Topten’s key policy recommendations

Topten strongly welcomes the revision to the television Ecodesign regulation and the inclusion of other electronic displays into the scope of the current revision. Topten is in favour and supports many of the changes that are proposed by the draft regulations, such as:

  • Extending the scope to computer displays,
  • Shifting from a linear efficiency approach to a progressive one for the Ecodesign energy efficiency requirements: As the screen area increases, the additional power allowed per dm2 decreases;
  • Setting new, more ambitious energy efficiency requirements,
  • Addressing non-energy environmental issues with the resource efficiency requirements, for all display types covered by the regulation;
  • Tightening verification tolerances,
  • A unique EEI equation for all displays without differentiating in between screen sizes or resolution, for all tiers,
  • A consistent standby requirement for off-mode and standby-mode,
  • Removing allowances for extra tuners and integrated hard discs,
  • The inclusion of the “quick start” function into the standby power requirement.

Topten also sees potential for improvement to the proposals:

  1. Inclusion of all electronic displays for energy efficiency requirements
  2. Consideration of more ambitious MEPS levels
  3. More ambitious requirements for networked standby and devices with HiNA functionality
  4. Removal of allowances for non-energy saving functionalities
  5. Gradual automatic brightness control
  6. Alignment of the Ecodesign regulation and the Energy Label
  7. Viewable screen area as information requirement

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Topten International, February 2017.