Recommendations Professional Storage Refrigerators

Download full policy recommendations from August 2015 (pdf)


In effect from 1 July 2016, Ecodesign requirements cover professional refrigerated storage cabinets, blast cabinets, condensing units and process chillers, while the EU energy label is introduced only for professional refrigerated storage cabinets.


  • Label classes have been tightened several times as a reaction to updated product data. With the final version, no currently available product is better than class A, the classes A+ to A+++ are reserved for future products.
  • Two labels instead of four will make the implementation easier.
  • At least, mandatory declaration of energy consumption was included for refrigerator-freezers and blast cabinets, when they are otherwise exempt from labelling and Ecodesign requirements. From now on it will be possible to consider also energy cost, and not only purchase price, when comparing products.

Further work is needed:

  • Minimum requirements should have been stricter: min. class D (EEI < 75) from first tier.
  • Static-air storage cabinets should have been covered by product information requirements, unless they will be included in the revision of the Lot 13 household Ecodesign regulation together with commercial wine coolers and minibars. Currently there is a gap in product information as it is at the discretion of suppliers and dealers to decide whether a product is intended for household or professional purposes and therefore should or should not be labelled.
  • The chance to showcase products using green refrigerants on the EU energy label was missed. The F-gas ban in 2022 is coming and there are still barriers to switch to green refrigerants. Further activities to support the switch are needed to avoid any more sales of products using old, climate-damaging refrigerants.
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ProCold is an EU-project aiming to improve energy efficiency in plug-in refrigeration equipment and speed up the switch to climate-friendly refrigerants. Objectives of the project:

  • Showcasing best products
  • Supporting green procurement
  • Helping to implement effective policies


Geilinger, Michel, Bush, August 2015