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Policy Recommendations for Office Luminaires

Recommendations for Lighting Products: lamps and luminaires (pdf)

Summary and key policy recommendations

With the ecodesign regulations from 2009 on classical (‘non-directional’) household lamps and professional lamps, from 2012 on reflectors (‘directional’ lamps) and LED lamps as well as with the new energy label (now covering all lamp types) important policy steps have been taken supporting the efficiency development of the lamp market. From its overview on the high efficiency market, Topten still sees important possibilities to guarantee an on-going market transformation towards higher efficiency and to cover additional, vast energy saving potentials with an energy label for office luminaires. All regulations of concern will be revised in 2015. This will be the moment to implement the recommendations described here.

Introduce an office luminaire label based on luminaire efficiency
A significant energy savings potential has been identified today and in the preparatory study Lot 8 in 2007. The preconditions for such an energy label are good. It should be introduced in the 2015 revision of the labelling regulation No 874/2012 on electrical lamps and luminaires.

More information about an energy label for office luminaires in Topten's contribution to the EEDAL conference in September 2013:

  • "Office Luminaires - voluntary labels can pave the way to the next level in energy saving." Geilinger, Schleicher, Gasser, Bush. September 2013.
    Download the paper and the presentation.

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