Recommendations Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Download full policy recommendations from October 2016 (pdf)


The European Commission is currently planning ecodesign requirements and an energy label for commercial refrigerated display cabinets. Next step in the process: Interservice consultation at the beginning of 2017. Our recommendations concern five issues that we think are crucial to make the new policy effective.

  1. The energy label should reserve the two top classes (B and A) for future innovation, best available technology as shown by Topten should be at best in class C at the time of adoption;
  2. The energy efficiency index (EEI) formula should be transparent: no correction factors and only a minimal segmentation in the EEI calculation. It is better to introduce separate minimum requirements and label classes for critical types such as serve-over counters and roll-in cabinets, instead of creating a separate EEI calculation;
  3. The second tier of minimum requirements should trigger significant market development: within 3-4 years after formal adoption all open freezers should be banned and all open refrigerators should be top-efficient by today’s standard;
  4. Total display area (TDA) is not the best parameter to calculate the EEI. There is a risk that cabinets with glass sides will have an unintended advantage over better insulated cabinets. One possible solution would be to consider only the area of the main glass side (front for vertical cabinets, top for chests) instead of the total display area;
  5. Gaps in the scope for wine coolers, minibars and static-air cabinets should be closed.
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Geilinger, Michel, Bush, October 2016